Subdivisions (Residential, Industrial, Community & Strata Title)
Experience at creating high quality plans for small land developments through to large scale community subdivisions. Guide you through the Land development process from planning to registration for Torren subdivisions, Easements and Strata.

Set Out for Construction & Civil Works
A setout survey ensures your project accurately matches the design and complies with necessary regulations. It physically marks the points needed to accurately position a new building or structural features on site.

Detail Surveys
A detail and contour survey is required by Council if you are intending to build, extend. The survey will show position of existing structures (buildings, trees, pools etc.), neighboring structures, setbacks, spot levels and contours. This survey will also be used by your Architect to design your new home.

Identification Surveys
An identification survey report shows boundaries to a block of land and an outline of any buildings on that land. Required for the sale or mortgage of a property. Outlines if there are any hidden encroachment or problems with the land before purchase

Water and Sewer Design
Whether you need water supply to new or existing dwellings, or wastewater options for your development.

Strata Certification

Land Development Consultation.